Sony DEV-3 og DEV-5

Pressemelding fra Sony 19. august 2011:

Denne produktnyheten er en direkte gjengivelse av en pressemelding fagbladet Elektronikkbransjen har mottatt, og er ikke redaksjonelt behandlet.

Sonys nye kikkerter blir tilgjengelige for salg i midten av november, og får følgende veiledende utsalgspriser (inkl. mva.):

Now you can watch birds, wildlife and sporting action in steady, sharply-focused close-up and capture your subject in crisp, steady Full HD.

The DEV-5 and DEV-3 from Sony are the world’s first1 digital binoculars that also record Full HD video2 with stereo sound at the touch of a button. For the first time ever, you can capture that unmissable moment to enjoy later on your HD television. There’s also a 3D record mode that captures the scene as thrilling stereoscopic video footage to enjoy on your 3D BRAVIA® TV (NB: maximum magnification 5.4x in 3D mode).

Variable zoom on both models lets you scan a wide area at low magnification before zooming in seamlessly to pinpoint your subject, like a distant golf ball or birds in the field.

By turning on digital zoom at magnification settings over 10x, the DEV-5 boosts total magnification range from 0.9x up to 20x3, rivalling many high-powered conventional binoculars. The DEV-3 pulls wildlife, sporting subjects and architectural details closer with a maximum magnification of 10x.

Unlike traditional binoculars, electronic autofocus keeps your subject sharply resolved at all times, even while it’s moving. A comfortably positioned dial also allows fingertip adjustment of manual focus. It’s ideal for focusing selectively on your subject, rather than overhanging branches or other obstructions in your field of view.

Electronic autofocus allows both binoculars to focus cleanly on subjects as close as 1cm away when recording in 2D (min. 80cm when recording in 3D). This gives the extra benefit of magnifying close-up subjects as well distant observations.

Separate images for left and right eyes are captured by a matched pair of precision G Lens optics by Sony with Exmor R CMOS sensors and powerful BIONZ processors. Independent electronic viewfinders provide clear, detailed images for left and right eyes, offering a 3D viewing experience that’s comfortable, natural and highly immersive.

The DEV-5 and DEV-3 are digital binoculars with optical SteadyShot (Active mode), the optical stabilisation system that’s found on Handycam® camcorders and Cyber-shot™ cameras by Sony. Optical SteadyShot keeps images clear and stable, even when you’re viewing at high magnifications. It’s also effective when recording video to enjoy later on your HD TV.

When you’re back home, connect the binoculars via HDMI® to your BRAVIA® or any HD television for big-screen sharing. 3D videos can be enjoyed on 3D-compatible BRAVIA® models. There’s also a USB terminal for transferring video clips to your PC for storing, editing and sharing.

The DEV-5 and DEV-3 feature a minimal ‘stealth’ design that eliminates distracting buttons or external details that could give away your position to wildlife in the field.

Comfortable to hold for extended periods, both binoculars feature an ergonomic grip area that’s coated with an elastomer material for sure handling and stable operation. Top-mounted controls allow easy operation with gloved fingers, while dual buttons are provided to start recording instantly with either hand.

As an additional refinement, the DEV-5 includes an on-board GPS receiver that automatically geotags video clips as you travel. Tagged clips and images can be viewed after shooting in online maps (requires compatible software).

Both binocular models come supplied a high-capacity rechargeable battery pack (NP-FV70) that allows up to approximately 3 hours of 2D recording on a single charge. Remaining battery time (minutes) is displayed in the electronic viewfinder to give confirmation of record time remaining.

The DEV-3 and DEV-5 also include a battery charger/adaptor, A/V connecting cable and USB cable for connection to a PC for uploading video files. In addition, the DEV-5 comes supplied with lens cover, finder cap, large eye cups, a carrying case and neck strap.

Available through professional sales channels, the DEV-5K offers the same technical specifications at the DEV-5. It also includes the AC-VQV10 high-speed AC adaptor/charger, plus a high-capacity NP-FV100 battery.

The new DEV-5 and DEV-3 digital recordable binoculars from Sony are available from the beginning of November 2011.

These digital recording binoculars contribute to conservation of biodiversity by raising awareness on natural habitat of birds and animal species.

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