Pioneer X-SMC00, X-SMC00BT og X-SMC00DAB+

Pressemelding fra Pioneer 13. mars 2013:

Denne produktnyheten er en direkte gjengivelse av en pressemelding fagbladet Elektronikkbransjen har mottatt, og er ikke redaksjonelt behandlet.

Pioneer slipper 3 slimmade CD-mikrosystem

X-SMC00 er ett kombinerat mikrosystem med 30-pins iPod/iPhone-docka, FM-tuner, USB- och CD-spelare. Produkten er even certifierad for iPhone5, vilket gjør att man lett kan koppla telefonens kabel till USB-anlutningen och njuta av musiken.

Att den er så stilren, tunn och kompakt gjør att den lett matchar hemmet och ens egna personliga smak. De tre utbytbara frontpanelerna tar den till en ennu høgre nivå. Produkten har en uteffekt på 20W och kan monteras på vegg.

X-SMC00BT har samma egenskaper som X-SMC00 fast inbyggd Bluetooth

X-SMC00DAB+ har samma egenskaper som X-SMC00 fast med inbyggd DAB+

SMC00 BT NOK 1698 i mars

SMC00DAB NOK 1898 i mai


Wall-mountable X-SMC00 slim audio system featuring interchangeable colour panels

Pioneer Europe is pleased to announce the release of the first model in its 2013 Slim Micro Systems series. With its interchangeable front panels, the sleek X‑SMC00 easily adapts to any interior décor, while offering superior sound quality. Small in size but big on performance and versatility, the new micro system features a built-in CD player, FM radio tuner, iPhone/iPod dock, frontUSBinput, Audio-in and headphone jack. Variants include the X-SMC00DABwith integratedDABtuner and the X-SMC00BT featuring Bluetooth for wireless music streaming from any Bluetooth-enabled device.

The new Pioneer micro system comes with an integrated dock for iPod/iPhone that charges the device while it plays. An included stand will hold the iPhone 5 while it connects throughUSB. The system has an auxiliary 3.5mm input and headphone jack to easily connect other music players. A digital clock is shown on the display with a push of a button on the remote, and the unit can be used as an alarm.

The X-SMC00’s streamlined black housing can be tailored to personal taste or interior design with interchangeable front panels in contemporary silver (default panel), black or pearl white. The faceplate that forms the centre of the micro system doubles as a motorised front door, hiding the CD compartment, and can be clipped on/off in a few seconds to change the look of the unit. Key holes on the system’s back panel give users freedom to either mount the system on a wall or display it on its stand.

Underneath the Pioneer X-SMC00’s refined housing are two full-range speakers rated at 10W RMS each. If that’s not enough power, the system offers a bass enhancer and an adjustable equaliser to maximise every performance.

Key features of theX-SMC00/X-SMC00BT/X-SMC00DAB


The X-SMC00 will be available as of March, followed by the X-SMC00BT in April and the X-SMC00DABin May. For further information on pricing and availability, please contact your local Pioneer distributor.

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