Applikasjoner for Sony NEX-5R og NEX-6

Pressemelding fra Sony 10. april 2013:

Denne produktnyheten er en direkte gjengivelse av en pressemelding fagbladet Elektronikkbransjen har mottatt, og er ikke redaksjonelt behandlet.

Lek deg med nye applikasjoner for Sony NEX-5R og NEX-6

 Create exciting in-camera picture effects with ‘Light Shaft’ and ‘Motion Shot’ downloadable apps for NEX-5R and NEX-6

 New version of PlayMemories Online mobile app with photo book feature

Have fun adding more features to your NEX-5R or NEX-6 interchangeable lens camera. Two easy to use new PlayMemories Camera Apps™ from Sony take you in fresh creative direction with a palette of inspiring picture options.

Available to buy from, both apps let you instantly create a huge range of in-camera picture effects, with no special PC software or image editing skills needed.

Light Shaft transforms ordinary landscape, beach and sky shots with an inspiring burst of magical rays, like sunshine bursting dramatically through cloudy skies. Position your light source and choose from Ray, Star, Flare or Beam effects. Then tweak the angle, intensity, length and number of rays to suit all tastes, from subtle to over-the-top. Your original photo’s automatically saved as a copy alongside the treated version.

Motion Shot identifies your moving subject in a high-speed burst of frames, stacking each instant of the subject’s motion into a single image. Press the shutter button and track the split-second action of that wild snowboarding trick or pole-vault. Freeze the beauty of wild birds landing on a lake. Or just have fun capturing friends, family and pets on the move. Fine-tune each shot by choosing your sequence length, start/end frames and fade-in or -out. Alongside the composited image, your original burst of frames recorded in continuous shooting mode remains untouched.

There’s a fast-expanding range of PlayMemories Camera Apps™ by Sony to suit every shooting style. Expand your camera’s capabilities with apps to control your camera, manage images and create professional-looking effects. It’s easy to shop for new apps straight from your NEX-5R or NEX-6 camera. Browse the growing library via Wi-Fi or a connected PC and instantly upgrade your camera.

New PlayMemories Camera Apps™ for the NEX-5R and NEX-6 are available now Europe.

Latest version of PlayMemories Online mobile app and new photo book feature.

A new Android app* adds fresh features to PlayMemories Online, the photo and video cloud service from Sony. There’s also a new Photo Book feature that lets you have fun creating beautiful online photo books in a few simple steps. The new app automatically selects memorable shots from all your uploaded photos, organizing them by date. Each day you launch the app on your mobile device, you’ll see different photos from the past to rekindle those priceless memories.

Photo Book lets you organise and enjoy all those photos you’ve uploaded to PlayMemories in three easy steps. Just pick the photos that you want to be included into your photo book. Then select from a choice of eight themes. Personalise your photo book with text and decorations. Then your book’s all ready for viewing at any time on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Better still, share all those memories with friends and family by Facebook or e-mail.

* Updated iOS app for iPhone and iPad will available in summer 2013.

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